Georgia Senator Vincent Fort Writes Sympathy Letter for Alleged Arsonist

Georgia Senator Vincent Fort Writes Sympathy Letter for Alleged Arsonist

It was recently leaked that an old Georgia Senator, Vincent Fort, is using his clout in the form of a written sympathy letter to a judge, asking for the release of Richard Hunsinger who is accused of setting fire to a Federal DHS facility in connection with a July 26th “Rally Against Fascism” protest.

According to the report, at least one Federal official was in the building at the time the fires were set. Upon attempting to leave the building, other protesters began shining lasers into the officials eyes.

It appears that Hunsinger was caught after security footage showed him outside of an area hospital bleeding from a wound that was apparently caused upon entering the Federal building. Hunsinger has previously been charged numerous times throughout 2017 with allegations such as Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement and Preventing or Disrupting General Assembly.

Hunsinger has documented ties with Marxist and socialist groups nationally and has been featured sharing his views on Atlanta’s NPR affiliate, WABE. Though Senator Fort preaches that Hunsinger is a pillar of his local community, it is fair to have some doubts. Between Hunsinger’s previous demonstrations of being overly passionate about his causes, to the point of criminal acts – and his more recent and escalated violence and property damage – it is probably best that this man not be permitted to continue being a threat to the public.

For more information on Richard Hunsinger and others, see AntifaWatch’s documentation on him and others here.

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